3 Steps to “UnStuck”

Do you ever feel like you can’t move?  Your thoughts are more powerful than you might think.  When you’re feeling stuck it’s because your thoughts aren’t changing.  You’re not stuck.  Your thoughts are on repeat.  Push the “pause” button.  Nay, push “Stop.”  Simple steps to UnStuck, and there’s only three!

(1) Watch.  First, you need to simply watch your thoughts.  For instance, you may be thinking something like you have lost your creative juju and you might not make the deadline for your project.  And then you might catch the “what if” bug and you know how that goes…  So, when you notice you’re stuck, watch your thoughts.

(2) Stop.  To stop your thoughts, tell them that you’re thinking them.  The example continues: “Oh, I’m thinking that I’ve lost my creative juju and I might miss the deadline.”

(3) Switch.  You can always choose your thoughts.  In fact, you always are choosing them.  Once you’ve stated (out loud is truly best) what you’re thinking, start thinking (and speaking) what you’d feel better about, such as, “I’m really good at what I do and I’ve always made deadlines, and the best possible outcome is on its way, I just haven’t received it yet.  That’s okay though.  I know that it’s coming at exactly the right time.  I have nothing to force–The Force is with me.”  Feels better, doesn’t it?

Remember, feeling and being are not the same thing.  even when you feel stuck, you are not.  (1) Watch  (2) Stop  (3) Switch — your thoughts create your world.

Join us at the Hawaii Retreat - August 10-13!  Link above...

Join us at the Hawaii Retreat – August 10-13! Link above…