Out of Mind into Clarity

Last post I wrote about how to know your knowing–be in tune and listen to your intuition.  In this post I share a way to get out of mind.  Intuition is not in your mind, my friends.

One of the quickest, most effective ways to get out of mind is to give it too much to do.  Basically, you need to overwork it.  Get it fatigued and confused so it simply can’t keep up.

Here’s how.  Remember one of your favorite scents, and let yourself ‘smell’ it.  Then choose a favorite taste, but keep it unrelated from the smell.  Smell your scent and taste your flavor.  Keep that up and add one of your favorite things to feel on your skin. . . then one of your favorite things to hear. . . then one of your favorite things to see.  Keep smelling, keep tasting, keep touching, keep hearing and keep seeing.  Hold that for a little while, maybe only one minute.  Now, shift your focus into your body.  Bring your awareness into your belly.  Breathe.  Feel your body move as you breathe.  Release tension from your jaw, tongue, forehead, eyes, etc… Then open up your hearing–just your hearing.  What do you hear?  Hear everything, with nothing being more important or given more attention than anything else.  Hear more.  Then hear more.  Can you hear your breath?  Can you hear the beat of your heart as clearly as the cars passing by and the crickets and the TV downstairs?  When you’ve had enough, simply come back to breath, come back to body, open your eyes, and notice how different you feel.

Your nervous system will be more calm now.  When it is calm, you can hear your own inner voice better.  Practice this every day for a week to get the hang of feeling what it’s like to be out of mind before you start looking in there for Clarity. 

Next Wednesday, we’ll start asking. . .