What is Choosing You

I had no job, no home, no contacts or anyone I knew on the island, very little money, which on the island doesn’t go far anyway, I didn’t know that I’d pass the massage exam to be licensed, I also couldn’t even sing when I got out here because I lost my voice completely for like 3 weeks!

I have been led to the right angels–and when I listen, we meet. But this life has not come easy. I’ve experienced “The Tower” more than a handful of times even in the last few years. Wowowow!!
Don’t use my story as an excuse for you. Our lives and paths have nothing to do with each others’. Your life is your own. Each individual human being is either called to move or not, and we each either listen or don’t. And no one finds happiness when they leave a place in which they were unhappy. Happy comes first, then that vibration shifts what comes in the external environment. I didn’t choose Hawaii, and more accurately I certainly didn’t choose Oahu. It chose me.
What is choosing you?