Last Possible Second

Have you ever noticed how people will tell you they found something they had been looking for, “In the last place I looked!”  Uh, yeah, because you found it.

It’s like that.  Things happen at the last possible moment.  I’ve found that being still enough is how to know when action is required.  Rest is totally legit.  I suggest a lot of it, a lot.  But when you are so rested that you are internally quiet enough (meaning your fight-or-flight system has been able to take a little vacation) to sense what the energies in and around you are asking for, you move and act as though it is completely natural.

Here’s a link to a video for a meditation to help out with the internal quieting…

Why am I moving to Hawaii?  See the above paragraph.. before the video link.  I don’t know right now what is going to happen when I get there.  I know that I have a plane ticket that will put me in the Honolulu airport at around 9:30pm on the day after Thanksgiving, and I know that I have a seat at 1pm for the Massage license exam in Kailua on December 1st.  Other than that, well, I see beaches in my future, but I’m open to opportunities to share my gifts as the opportunities arise.  I am open to experiencing living in the present moment–at the last possible second–as I need to in order to learn what the Universe is offering to teach me.  And I’m definitely open to moving with the energies when they say, “Go!”  That looks different that how society brought me up.  I always needed a plan.  I have found out that the Universe already has a plan and if I just listen, and do what it says to do when it says to do it, things work out alright.  Funny, religion teaches us that “God has a plan for you.”  Funny, religion teaches us NOTHING about how to actually align with that plan.  (At least, it didn’t me).  Luckily, there are other things out there that do.  And maybe it’s even okay if we find these things at the last possible second.

So revel in the possibility that what is happening for you is actually happening at the last possible second, and that it couldn’t have happened earlier because it wouldn’t have been quite right.  And most certainly it couldn’t happen any later because well, after the last possible second, it’s simply too late.

Oh and also, before getting all worked about about how the world is being destroyed… maybe remember that even if we save her at the last possible second, it still works.  In fact, it’s the perfect time.

Sat NamAloha!


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