Everyday Miracle

I cannot help but acknowledge a little miracle every time I (or someone else) sets food in front of me.  Every moment my body’s cells are degenerating and regenerating, dying and being born. . . and this food is what makes it all work out!  Whoa!  The tomatoes in my breakfast salad could become my ears!



This is how I nourish myself.  I feel into what I’d like to eat… basically, I ask my body what it wants.  This morning I looked in my fridge and saw the giant, gorgeous tomato I bought from one of my favorite farmers at the Market on Tuesday.  “THAT!” my body exclaimed.  So I went outside to my garden and picked some chard, added a Farmer’s Market lemon cucumber, some reed avocado, some of the tomato, raw almonds, apple cider vinegar, Farmer’s Market pumpkin seed oil, salt and pepper.  Delicious!

When you eat what your body asks for, you’re soooo satisfied, and . . . you get what you need as you feel what you want.  What could be better?

Enjoy this day!