Into Greatness. . . go on

You don’t stop.  There comes a time when the courageous know they’ve come to the end.

You’re on the verge.  There is you, where you are, who you are, as you are.  There is everything you’ve been through to get you here.  And there’s a choice.  Stay back, right here where you’ve been, or keep going.

We don’t stop.  All the reasons to stop that you’ve ever used or even thought of, and some new ones, will present themselves to you on the verge.  Don’t stop.  Keep going.  You didn’t come to the end to stop!  You came to the end to keep going.  What else is there?

What’s in the mysterious space just beyond the verge that I never dreamed I’d see?  What’s there?  Just keep going.

Don’t give up on your life.  Your dreams give hope and offer light.

What is beyond what you’ve already known?  The only way to find out is to go on.  So go on.

Breathe.  Pause.  Trust.  The path is revealed in the moment.  You’re on the verge of something beautiful, something bold, something great.  Don’t stop short of greatness.  This world could use a little more.

When you know you’re on the verge… keep going.

Join our Hawaii Retreat in August!

Join our Hawaii Retreat in August!