Are you a “Creative?” How to create the life you dream of living, and avoid the one thing holding you back….

Who are “creatives?”  These are the people who see a tree and rather than pass it by like it doesn’t matter, they enjoy the curve of its trunk, the sway of its branches and rustling of its leaves in the wind (which they also notice how it feels against their skin), and they notice the way the light and shadows intermingle.  Creatives are those people who pay attention.  They realize that there’s more beneath the surface of things.  The picture always has its hidden parts.  There is wonder and awe in everything–we just need to look.

Creatives are people who pay attention.  They see more, and most have a great urge to share it–to show others that there’s more…Look!  That’s why we are artists–creating representations of light and shadow, form and space, objects, energies and emotions.  That’s why we’re healers–opening possibilities and diminishing limitations for what it means to be alive.  That’s why we’re visionaries–always seeking the more to be found and entrepreneuring (I know, I created that word) ways to get the information out to the masses.

Creatives are the “yeah-but-ers.”  They’re given a category, a rule or a limit, and they say, “Yeah, but. . . “and they say it’s more, there must be more, there’s always more, different, better.  They know this because more always comes to them, because as they take delight in what is, they take even more delight in what they don’t yet know is.  What else?  I wonder . . .

Creatives constantly question.  Creatives are consistently curious.

To courageously create your own life–the one you dream of living–you must bring that curiosity to everything, not just your art, not just your sessions, not just your visions–every part of your experience.

This means, be curious about having structure in your life–try it–find out.  Be curious about why your thoughts are what they are, and why others’ behavior affects you at all.  Be curious about your relationships, your job, your addictions, your taxes.  Be curious.  Hmmmmm, what else?  I wonder.  Isn’t that curious?  How interesting.  Ask a question, or say something that creates a question.

Dangerous=conclusions.  If you’ve come to a conclusion about something, you’ve created a very real and unbreakable limit, until you dismember yourself from your conclusion.

Play with the question.  Dance with the question.  Be the question.


Any questions?


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